Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A short summary, in English, of the brief published in the previous post:

The Studio Work at the Simon Bolivar University is structured in terms of 3 months, where every term there is a different Design Studio. Thus in any given academic year students face the challenges of three different design studio work with increasing levels of complexity.

The Design Studio Diseño 04 along with Diseño 05 and Diseño 06 constitutes the Second Year of Technical Studies of the curriculum. This level places a particular emphasis on the development of a set of skills and concepts fundamental to the architectural profession.

This term (Jan-Mar 2010) the studio work at Design 04 led by Professors Roberto Puchetti and Alejandro Vega in Unit 02 and Professors Carlos Olaizola and Yacira Blanco in Unit 01 have been implementing a brief that focuses on the study of the material as source of information for the design process. Its aim is to introduce students to the relevance of the tectonics (how you build) for architectural production (what you build).

The studio work has been organized around three exercises:

- A Material Research, Analysis and Exploration.
- A Site analysis
- A Project which involves:
o A study and analysis of an object from nature.
o Design and construction of a habitable space.

In the first exercise it is expected an intensive collaboration between students as they become involved in the decision making process of their own study. They will work in small groups whilst researching and analyzing information and experimenting with the chosen material. It is the aim of this exercise to introduce the themes of study for the term based on the documentation of the information gathered and the results produced.

Through the use of contemporary mapping techniques, the second exercise will allow the student to locate a site on which he/she will develop an individual proposal (3rd exercise) for a habitable space. Such proposal should consider issues of public/private space and interior/exterior space and operatively incorporate information (material and site-specific) arrived at in the previous two exercises. The ultimate aim is for the student to design and build a piece that can be inhabited.

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